5 Key Qualities American Carepackage Shares with Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson Loved to EatPart 1 of 5

When it comes to American history and American Carepackage, there are many ideals we hold in common. What exactly? Well, let’s time travel back in history to the year 1801 and meet President Thomas Jefferson—the “first foodie.” We have narrowed down the qualities we share with President Jefferson to five.

We will explore each quality in our new blog series 5 Key Qualities American Care Package Shares With Thomas Jefferson.

1. We’re committed to delivering a gourmet experience.

We remember President Jefferson as one of our founding fathers and the third president of the United States. But did you know that he was a famous epicurean? The President is actually known as being the “first foodie.”

According to the LA Times in a special article remembering this American gourmet: “There were two things the gossip mongers could not fault: The President’s hospitality was always gracious and the food was excellent.”

American Carepackage is dedicated to providing you the same first-class treatment. Our care package selections are scrupulously prepared in order to ensure the highest quality of satisfaction.

We uphold President Jefferson’s legacy of hospitality and excellent food, pledging to you that we’ve worked hard to win our reputation and will work just as hard to keep it.

Be sure to stay tuned for Part 2 of our current blog series 5 Key Qualities American Carepackage Shares With Thomas Jefferson.


Thomas Jefferson: A gourmet in the White House. Retrieved October 9, 2012 from


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