5 Key Qualities American Carepackage Shares with Thomas Jefferson – Part 3

Thomas Jefferson Loved to Eat

Part 3 of 5

Now you know two of the five qualities we share in common with Thomas Jefferson. We started out discussing our commitment to delivering a gourmet experience. Then we reflected on our great pride in the American dream. Now we’d like to explore our mutual belief in hospitality.

3. We believe in hospitality.

We agree with President Jefferson that, “The glow of one warm thought is to me worth more than money.”

Send love. That’s the American Carepackage difference. We don’t just pack baskets full of gourmet food. We handpick choice items we believe will give you, your children, grandchildren, friends, neighbors, co-workers—and any other VIPS in your life—an out-of-box experience.

We look forward to celebrating the special days in your lives by partnering with you to send love.

Taste the love and legacy in every bite.

Join us next time for Part 4 of our current blog series 5 Key Qualities American Carepackage Shares With Thomas Jefferson.

Send Love.


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