Play the Snowball Fight Game!

Season’s Greetings from!  We wanted to add a little fun and excitement to your Holiday Gift Giving this year so we thought you might enjoy a “Snowball Fight.”  Just click on the image above to try your skills.  Challenge your friends to play too, and see if they can beat your score!


The Five W’s to Help You Buy for Your VIP – Part 4 of 5

Let’s review.  So far we’ve discussed how important it is to remember who we are buying for (Focus on your recipient: age, preferences, hobbies, etc…)

Next we talked about how to narrow our choices down of what to buy (Remember to buy diet-specific items when applicable. Many food companies are now sensitive to diet restrictions – sugar-freegluten free, etc.).

Yesterday we reviewed how timing is crucial in sending gifts (Never send love late).

And today brings us to the fourth W…


Are there regional favorites that your VIPs prefer?  Texans love their pecan pralines, Californians cherish their fresh fruit, and Italians love authentic Italian dinners.  Geography does affect the tastebuds in many instances.  And as we’ve already discussed, so do genes.

Do you agree?  We want to know!  Please comment below and stay tuned for the final W…

The Five W’s to Help You Buy for Your VIP – Part 3 of 5

So far we have talked about how knowing who we are buying for and what we are looking for is crucial in the gift-giving process.  Today we uncover the perfect timing to send a gift…


Timing is crucial. Whenever and wherever you need it, be ready. Never send love late.

When you start thinking, “Wouldn’t it be nice to send something special to her” or “Isn’t his birthday coming up soon?,” it’s best to remember that there’s no time better than now. Better to send early than late (or have the company you’re buying from manage the details).

Stay tuned  for the fourth W!

The Five W’s to Help You Buy for Your VIP – Part 2 of 5

Yesterday we talked about how understanding who we are buying for is the first place to start when buying for your VIP.  Today we talk about how to decide what to buy…


The most disappointing present your VIP could receive is a gift basket full of foods they would love to devour—but can’t. Be careful that your gift isn’t a temptation—like sending chocolates to a diabetic or non gluten-free crackers to a celiac. Remember to buy diet-specific items when applicable. Many food companies are now sensitive to diet restrictions (sugar-free, gluten free, etc.).

Be sure to check back tomorrow to read our next Gift-Giving Guide tip: when to buy for your VIP…

CYBER MONDAY SPECIAL! Plus How to Buy for Your VIP

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We understand it’s a difficult process trying to find that perfect gift for that extra special someone. There are so many options you can choose from—find the right gift card, peruse gift registries, shop at the mall, etc. Will your gift stand out from all the rest? Here are the Five W’s to help you buy for your VIP and streamline the gift selection process. 


Some prefer trendy gifts while others prefer the classics. Some like casual treats and others favor elegant presentations. But often we bring our own biases to selecting gifts and buy based upon what we prefer rather than what they would appreciate the most. So focus on your recipient: age, preferences, hobbies, and the list goes on…

Be sure to check back soon to discover how the next W (What?) can help you buy for your VIP…

Peanuts – The Out-of-This-World Legumes

Peanut Butter Lovers Month at

The year 1904 is a milestone for peanut butter lovers everywhere—the year that peanut butter was first introduced to the U.S. at St. Louis’s Universal Exposition.

If you’re looking for a career change and are interested in the food industry, you might be interested to know that you can make 30,000 peanut butter sandwiches off just one acre of land.

By the way, if you had traveled to the moon with astronaut Allen B. Sheppard, you would have enjoyed seeing the peanut he brought with him.  Like we’ve always known, peanuts are out-of-this-world treats!

And that wraps up National Peanut Butter Month at!  Will you celebrate with us by going to your kitchen right now and eating a heaping spoonful of peanut butter?  Yummm!


Arachibutyrophobia and Tom Miller’s Sticky Success

Peanut Butter Lovers Month at

This weekend marks the last weekend of National Peanut Butter Month.  But for authentic peanut butter lovers, we celebrate the beloved legume all year long!

When we began this peanut butter blog series, we asked if you knew what arachibutyrophobia was.  Are you ready for the much-anticipated answer?

The fear of getting peanut butter stuck to the roof of your mouth.

For those arachibutyrophibiacs out there, how would you feel if you had a peanut stuck to your nose for 4 days, 23 hours, 47 minutes, and 3 seconds?  That was Tom Miller’s award-winning accomplishment—using his nose, he pushed a peanut 14,100 feet up Pike’s Peak.  Just an idea for a fun activity you could do on your next vacation…

Join us tomorrow to find out how many peanut butter sandwiches can be made off one acre of land—and other fun facts you’ve always wanted to know. 


BLACK FRIDAY SPECIAL: The Claus’s Pick for Hostess and VIP Gifts

Top 7 North Pole Picks for Your Nice List

Elf Approved Santa Packages

5. The Claus’s Pick for Hostess and VIP Gifts

‘Tis the season for poinsettias and gourmet goodie arrangements. Experience both pleasures in our Poinsettia Perfection care package. Displayed in a 3-tiered glittering poinsettia tower, our vanilla drizzled caramel popcorn, cherry bites, Harry London’s peanut butter meltaways, tiramisu wafer cookies and other supreme indulgences impress gourmet aficionados who appreciate tasteful décor.

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P.S. Don’t forget the Elves’ Pick for Health Aficionados special offer ends Tuesday, November 27!

An American Thanksgiving Tradition

An American Thanksgiving Tradition

The American Thanksgiving holiday tradition traces its origins to a 1621 celebration at Plymouth in present-day Massachusetts. This early Thanksgiving was prompted by a good harvest and a celebration of hard work.

At American Carepackage we’ve created a bountiful variety of culinary delights for you to share with family and loved ones.  So whether you’re surprising your hard working college student or family away from home, is your source for the finest Care Packages filled with the very best ingredients that are sure to give your special someone a delightful surprise.

History of the Thanksgiving Carepackage

Sending a Carepackage to your VIPs in the military or loved ones away from home has been a tradition longer than you might think.  You may have heard of the carepackage boxes and gift baskets of WW1 and WW2 but the poem excerpt below was enclosed in Care Packages with turkeys sent by Abraham Lincoln to troops in the field November 25, 1864.

The Soldiers’ Thanksgiving

By Mrs. Lydia Baxter

Hurrah for the Turkeys! Thanksgiving has come!

Hurrah for the Turkeys! The Turkeys from Home!

The nicely browned Turkeys, they bring us good cheer;

Hurrah for the Turkeys, we welcome them here!…

Read the rest of the poem here.

Now that’s the American Spirit we take pride in here at  Happy Thanksgiving!

Don’t Miss the Three T’s in Etiquette – Part 3 of 3

We’ve already learned the first two T’s in etiquette—Talk and Taste.  So today we wrap up this Gift-Giving Guide series with the last T (don’t worry, we’ll give you more gift-giving tips next week)…


Customizing your gift is AmericanCarepackage’s specialty. Our goal is for you and your special person to be enchanted through the entire gift-giving experience.

So don’t randomly pick a present. Consider the individual’s hobbies. What do they like to talk about? How are they going to celebrate their special day? What might add some extra pizzazz to their celebration?

Imagine the happiness you’ll feel when you know that your gift is making their day that much more exceptional.