American Carepackage College Care — Meet Mason and Ella



Two college students meet in the college cafeteria during finals week and talk food.


Mason             College junior

Ella                  College freshman


College cafeteria                    


Mason walks into the cafeteria, picks up a tray and plate and walks to one food station. Pauses. Looks at the food and then makes a face. Continues to the next station. Pauses. Gags. Goes to the next station, continuing to look disgusted.

Ella:                 Hey Mason! Over here!

(Mason turns, looking for Ella. Smiles and walks over to her table and plops down next to her. Slouches down into his seat with his arms crossed.)

Ella:                 What’s the matter with you? Since when did you start eating air? (Reaches over to his empty plate with her fork, pretending to eat air from off his plate.)

Mason:            (Sighs) Anything’s better than this caf food. Day after day, meal after meal, I’m so tired of the same food.

Ella:                 Well, it’s finals week so you better eat something. (Pushes her full plate toward him.) You don’t want to faint during your exams, do you?

Mason:            Might be better than feeling sick to my stomach. (Looks at the plate, gags, and pushes it back at her.) I wish I could go home and eat some delicious food for a change. Who wants this bland chow?

Ella:                 Don’t your parents ever send you a carepackage?

Mason:            A care package? Full of what—clothes, toothpaste, stuff I forgot to bring when I moved into my dorm room?

Ella:                 No! LOL! A care package full of food! Gourmet goodies like cheeses and sausage, dried fruits and nuts, pancakes, hummus dip, coffee to stay awake—even an authentic Italian dinner. And then you’ve got my favorite candy like Whoppers, Milk Duds, Ghirardelli chocolates. And then there’s popcorn and soda pop…

Do you think Mason will find hope in his desolate caf routine? Join us tomorrow to find out…


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