Carepackage College Care — The Mason and Ella saga continues…

Send a Care Package to Your College Student Away From Home

Our Mason and Ella saga continues as Ella lists the delectable goodies available in carepackages…(If you missed Part 1, click here).

Ella:                 Or you can choose from cheesecake, brownies, cookies…

Mason:            (Interrupts Ella) Stop it, stop it! I can’t stand it. I’m starving. Where can I get care packages like that?

Ella:                 You can get them online at They have an awesome College Care category. My parents set up an account and send me a touch of home every month with all my favorite foods. You know, it’s kind of like an out-of-box experience—I feel like I’m back home…Well enough about my homesickness, you have to remember I’m the freshman. So upper classman (Smiles teasingly), if you’re really nice to me, and stop feeling sorry for yourself, I just might share my care package with you.

Mason:            Really? You have one? (Sits up in his chair, straightens his shirt, runs his hands through his hair, turns to her and smiles.)

Ella:                 That’s much better. (She reaches under the table and pulls her backpack onto her lap. Reaches into the backpack and pulls out a box of crackers and hummus dip.) Here, try some of this. That should give you some protein before your next exam. And… (Reaches into her backpack again and pulls out a Ghirardelli chocolate bar.) it looks like you need a chocolate fix right now.

Mason:            Wow! You’re a lifesaver. Just wait one minute. (Pulls his smartphone out of his pocket and starts texting.) I need to text my mom and tell her about College Care.

Ella:                 Wait a second! Be sure to tell her to follow Carepackage on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. They have great discount offers. Plus it’s fun to just look at the variety of products. BTW, you should subscribe to Carepackage’s Care Blog. I get some great ideas for papers from their blogs—they write about American history, fun food facts, and they even feature some games.

Mason:            Okay, will do! This is the best. Goodbye toothpaste and socks and hello gourmet cheeses, crunchy popcorn, and a break from the caf!



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