Smooth or Crunchy? Nutty Facts continued…

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Ella and Mason are working on a marketing group project with their friends Grace and Landon.  Their research topic: Selling peanut butter to consumers.  Their dilemma: Sell crunchy or smooth peanut butter?


Ella                  College freshman

Grace               College junior

Landon            College sophomore

Mason             College junior


College library


(Ella and Grace sit at a round table in the college library looking bored while Landon, looking very animated, is talking and motioning with his hands.)

Ella:                 (Sighs) Okay, Landon.  We hear your point.  But let’s wait to talk any further till Mason comes…

Grace:              Here goes for another busywork group project.  Doesn’t our marketing professor know how to do anything better than assign homework over Thanksgiving break?

Ella:                 (Satirically) I wonder what kind of professor Mason would make…I’d sure love to take his class.  He’d never start on time.

Grace:              (Exasperated) Will Mason ever get here?

(Mason saunters into the room.)

Mason:            I heard my name.  Must have been something good.

Landon:           You better not tempt them to repeat what they just said.  You wouldn’t like it.

Mason:            Really?  Surprise me.

Ella:                 (Sarcastically)  Okay, Mr. Confident.  We were talking about how you are late, yet again, to our group meeting.

Mason:            Really?  I thought I was running right on time.  You said the group meeting was at 2 pm.  (Opens his smartphone and closes it again, looking sheepish.)  I guess you’re right.  It’s 2:15.  Sorry, guys.  Mind if I eat my peanut butter and jelly sandwich while you fill me in on what I missed?  (Reaches into his backpack and pulls out his sandwich.)

Grace:              Munch away.  Speaking of peanut butter, that’s what Ella, Landon, and I were talking about doing our group project on.

Ella:                 You know, we’re supposed to choose an item to market to consumers and then write a marketing plan on how to do it.

(Mason looks bored, starts licking his fingers from the peanut butter smeared on his hands.)

Landon:           (Interrupts Ella.)  Ah ha!  (Grabs Mason’s hand and holds it up in the air.)  I told you girls!  Crunchy peanut butter rules the day.

Mason:            Hey, what’s the big deal?

Landon:           Just before you got here, we were having a nice little discussion on which type of peanut butter to market to consumers—smooth or crunchy.  These two (points at Ella and Grace) are discriminating against crunchy peanut butter lovers.

Ella:                 Calm down, Landon.

Grace:              So it’s two to two now.  How are we supposed to reach a group consensus on this?

Ella:                 Come on, guys.  Who would really want to eat crunchy peanut butter.  (Makes a face.)  It just ruins the taste.  I mean who would want crunchy lumps in butter?

Grace:              Disgusting.  Simply disgusting.  Peanut butter speaks elegance.  Smooth, creamy and delicious.

(Mason reaches into his backpack again and pulls out his laptop. Opens it up on his lap and starts typing.)

Landon:           If you want to talk about what’s disgusting, it’s smooth peanut butter.  Just look at the name: peanut butter.  Who wants peanut butter without the crunch of peanuts?  If your girlie teeth can’t take it, then fine.  But all of my buddies would agree with Mason and me, wouldn’t they, Mason? Mason?

Mason:            Hey guys, look at this!  I just found this website,, and you’ll never believe it.  This debate like we’re having right now has gone on before.  And look at this, it says that, “Women and children prefer creamy, while most men opt for chunky.”

Will Landon and Mason be able to convince Ella and Grace to go with crunchy peanut butter for their group project? Find out tomorrow…


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