Smooth or Crunchy? The Peanut Butter Debate Continues…

November is Peanut Butter Lover's Month

Our Smooth or Crunchy Peanut Butter Debate continues as Ella and Grace try to persuade Landon and Mason that creamy peanut butter is more popular than crunchy peanut butter…(If you missed Part 1, click here).

Ella:                 Let me prove you wrong!  My dad loves creamy peanut butter and so do my brothers. So take that, Mr. Manly—not all men prefer crunchy.

Grace:              And, I don’t like to hurt Ella’s and my argument, but I’d like to prove you wrong again: My mom prefers crunchy peanut butter and my little brother likes crunchy.  So it’s not like you can say that women and children prefer creamy.

Mason:            (Grinning, hands his computer to Landon.)  You take it from here, dude.

Landon:           You bet.  Ella, you grew up on the East Coast, right?  And Grace, you’re from the West Coast?

Ella:                 Yep.

Grace:              Right.

Landon:           You didn’t let Mason finish what he was reading. Listen to this, “People living on the East Coast prefer creamy peanut butter, while those on the West Coast prefer the crunchy style.”  So that would explain why your family members didn’t comply with the other characteristics.

Ella:                 All right.  One point for you.

Landon:           So, I think since we’re here at school on the West Coast, we should stay true to the crunchy style of peanut butter for our group project.  And for more support, this website says…uh, never mind.  What were you saying?  (Closes the laptop lid.)

Grace:              Not so fast, buster.  What did you see that you didn’t want to say?  (Reaches for the laptop.)

Landon:           (Passes the laptop off quickly to Mason.  Mason stuffs it in his backpack and zips it up.)

Ella:                 (Reaches into her backpack for her computer.)  We’ll find out what he didn’t want to show…Ah ha!  Here it is!  “Sixty percent of consumers prefer creamy peanut butter to crunchy.”  So for our group project, I think we should go for marketing the most popular product, don’t you think?  (Smiles sarcastically at Mason and Landon.)

Grace:              I agree.

Landon:           Girls…(Wrinkles up his nose.)  Well, Mason, as the gentlemen should we take the higher road?

Mason:            Whatever.  You win.  But only this time.  Just wait till the next group project…



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