CYBER MONDAY SPECIAL! Plus How to Buy for Your VIP

Happy Cyber Monday at!  For this day only, receive 10% off ALL carepackages and giftbaskets!  Enter CYBERMONDAY10 at checkout.

We understand it’s a difficult process trying to find that perfect gift for that extra special someone. There are so many options you can choose from—find the right gift card, peruse gift registries, shop at the mall, etc. Will your gift stand out from all the rest? Here are the Five W’s to help you buy for your VIP and streamline the gift selection process. 


Some prefer trendy gifts while others prefer the classics. Some like casual treats and others favor elegant presentations. But often we bring our own biases to selecting gifts and buy based upon what we prefer rather than what they would appreciate the most. So focus on your recipient: age, preferences, hobbies, and the list goes on…

Be sure to check back soon to discover how the next W (What?) can help you buy for your VIP…


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