The Five W’s to Help You Buy for Your VIP – Part 4 of 5

Let’s review.  So far we’ve discussed how important it is to remember who we are buying for (Focus on your recipient: age, preferences, hobbies, etc…)

Next we talked about how to narrow our choices down of what to buy (Remember to buy diet-specific items when applicable. Many food companies are now sensitive to diet restrictions – sugar-freegluten free, etc.).

Yesterday we reviewed how timing is crucial in sending gifts (Never send love late).

And today brings us to the fourth W…


Are there regional favorites that your VIPs prefer?  Texans love their pecan pralines, Californians cherish their fresh fruit, and Italians love authentic Italian dinners.  Geography does affect the tastebuds in many instances.  And as we’ve already discussed, so do genes.

Do you agree?  We want to know!  Please comment below and stay tuned for the final W…


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