Celebrate Christmas With the Classics – HOLLYwood Hits From the ‘40s & ‘50s

Happy December 1st!  How would you like to enjoy an Oldies Christmas this year?  This weekend and next we’re going to blog about some of our favorite 1940s and 1950s holiday movies.  If you haven’t watched them in a while, welcome back some old friends.  And if you’ve never seen them, start a new holiday tradition.

Holiday Inn – 1942

Starring Fred Astaire and Bing Crosby and featuring music by Irving Berlin, Holiday Inn is an all-time classic musical.  Meet Jim Hardy (Crosby) and Ted Hanover (Astaire) as they duel for the dames (Virginia Dale and Marjorie Reynolds), trying to capture their hearts through singing and dancing.

Convinced that he wants to trade the stage for a peaceful farm in Connecticut, Hardy moves to the countryside and creates Holiday Inn—open holidays only.  Hardy meets Linda Mason (Marjorie Reynolds) and the two sing the Inn to success—until Hanover shows up and tries to steal Hardy’s girl and the show.  Celebrate the holidays with song and dance!


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