BUSTED: Seven Popular Gift-Giving Myths – Myth #1

We’re guessing that you’re like many of us who have believed—at some point in time—popular gift-giving myths.  But American Carepackage is ready to bust these myths and set you loose to reach new gift-giving heights.  Are you ready?  You’re going places…

Myth #1 – Price determines value.

Ever felt limited shopping within a budget?  Nervous that you’re not spending enough to show you care?  Say goodbye to budget mania.  Discover that personalization—not price—determines value.  Whether it’s a tender touch like wrapping your present with a personalized ribbon (I love you, Mom!) or including a specific item as an inside joke, you add the value.  Send love—the intangible ingredient that keeps on giving.

How have you personalized presents with love?  Let us know your gift-giving traditions by commenting below…

P.S.  Check out our #SpeakSagely quote of the day on Twitter and Facebook!


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