BUSTED: Seven Popular Gift-Giving Myths – Myth #4

Three myths busted, four to go!  No, price doesn’t always determine value.  It’s poppycock to think in-store purchases are more meaningful than “online” gifts.  And gift cards are great, but not in the equation for a gift to remember (Don’t forget: Effort + taste = A gift to remember.)

Myth #4 – If I wouldn’t want it, I won’t buy it.

Even if you have an aversion to cheesecake (we’ll try to forgive you), that doesn’t mean you should necessarily bypass it in favor of a fruit carebasket. What does your friend prefer? A good test for choosing the right present can be to remember the last time you shared a meal or shopped together. What did they purchase?

Send love – unbiased by personal preferences and picky palates.

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