BUSTED: Seven Popular Gift-Giving Myths – Myth #6

Isn’t busting myths fun?  Share your newfound gift-giving knowledge with family and friends.  Ask them if they’ve believed any of these myths.  If they have, rescue them.  If they haven’t, then welcome them to our Myth Busters club.

Let’s look at the results so far:

BUSTED Myth #1 – Price determines value.

BUSTED Myth #2 – In-store purchases are more meaningful than “online” gifts.

BUSTED Myth #3 – Gift cards are always the way to go.

BUSTED Myth #4 – If I wouldn’t want it, I won’t buy it.

BUSTED Myth #5 – I can’t trust myself to select the right gift.

BUSTED Myth #6 – I’ll just ask them what they want and buy it.

If everybody else is asking your friend what he or she wants for their special occasion, you’ll all end up giving the same present. That’s no fun, so be different! Surprise them with the unexpected. Embrace change and go against the flow.

P.S.  It’s almost time for our #SpeakSagely quote of the day on Twitter and Facebook!  See you there!


4 thoughts on “BUSTED: Seven Popular Gift-Giving Myths – Myth #6

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