Taxes = Chocolate?


What You Always Wanted to Know (and would never suspect) About Chocolate!

Taxes = Chocolate?

Okay, after yesterday’s blog teaser, we know you’re probably anxious to find out who supposedly daily drank 50 goblets of (dyed red) hot chocolate with his favorite flavoring…chili peppers.

Meet Aztec Emperor Montezuma.

Ever chewed on a dollar bill?  Not very tasty.  But if you’d lived in ancient Mexico, you might have been tempted to eat the nation’s currency.  The Aztecs used cacao beans to pay for taxes and supplies.

Maybe now you understand why Montezuma was able to afford drinking 50 goblets of hot chocolate per day?  Taxes never tasted so good.

Disclaimer:  American Carepackage does not recommend you pay your taxes in chocolate.


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