Brushing Your Teeth With Chocolate?


What You Always Wanted to Know (and would never suspect) About Chocolate!

The darker the chocolate, the whiter your teeth.  Sound impossible?  Some studies suggest that the high cocoa-to-sugar ratio in a dark chocolate bar could actually be helping people to have fewer cavities and tooth decay, leading to whiter teeth.  Of course, chocolate should always be eaten in moderation…

Some also believe that chocolate eaters live longer.  Many advocate chocolate as relieving fatigue.  Some say it boosts the brain and fights against depression.  Some think it helps the skin, prevents cancer and/or heart disease and is a good substitute for cough syrup.  The list of suggested benefits goes on…

We don’t have to understand the medical reasoning behind why chocolate is good.  Or have an opinion on if it really helps people in general feel better.

We know from experience….

Chocolate is delicious and sweetens up our day.  We’re also glad to hear it may be gaining a nutritious reputation as well.

We’ll excuse you now as you get up for a delectable dose of dark chocolate…


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