Chocolate Trivia


Welcome back for some more chocolate trivia!  Check out these interesting facts about two of your favorite chocolate candies:

Tootsie Rolls – Naming the beloved candy after his daughter (nicknamed Tootsie), Leo Hartsfield introduced the Tootsie Roll shortly after starting his own candy business in 1896.  More than 100 years later, the Tootsie Roll recipe has stayed the same.

Baby Ruth – Tradition has it that this delicious candy, introduced in 1921 by the Curtiss Candy Company, was named after Ruth Cleveland (President Grover Cleveland’s daughter).  Coincidentally, the year the candy bar was released, Babe Ruth’s fame was growing.  Many believe the Curtiss Candy Company said they were naming the candy after Baby Ruth Cleveland to avoid having to pay the famous Babe Ruth any royalties on sales.


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