Smooth or Crunchy? The Peanut Butter Debate Continues…

November is Peanut Butter Lover's Month

Our Smooth or Crunchy Peanut Butter Debate continues as Ella and Grace try to persuade Landon and Mason that creamy peanut butter is more popular than crunchy peanut butter…(If you missed Part 1, click here).

Ella:                 Let me prove you wrong!  My dad loves creamy peanut butter and so do my brothers. So take that, Mr. Manly—not all men prefer crunchy.

Grace:              And, I don’t like to hurt Ella’s and my argument, but I’d like to prove you wrong again: My mom prefers crunchy peanut butter and my little brother likes crunchy.  So it’s not like you can say that women and children prefer creamy.

Mason:            (Grinning, hands his computer to Landon.)  You take it from here, dude.

Landon:           You bet.  Ella, you grew up on the East Coast, right?  And Grace, you’re from the West Coast?

Ella:                 Yep.

Grace:              Right.

Landon:           You didn’t let Mason finish what he was reading. Listen to this, “People living on the East Coast prefer creamy peanut butter, while those on the West Coast prefer the crunchy style.”  So that would explain why your family members didn’t comply with the other characteristics.

Ella:                 All right.  One point for you.

Landon:           So, I think since we’re here at school on the West Coast, we should stay true to the crunchy style of peanut butter for our group project.  And for more support, this website says…uh, never mind.  What were you saying?  (Closes the laptop lid.)

Grace:              Not so fast, buster.  What did you see that you didn’t want to say?  (Reaches for the laptop.)

Landon:           (Passes the laptop off quickly to Mason.  Mason stuffs it in his backpack and zips it up.)

Ella:                 (Reaches into her backpack for her computer.)  We’ll find out what he didn’t want to show…Ah ha!  Here it is!  “Sixty percent of consumers prefer creamy peanut butter to crunchy.”  So for our group project, I think we should go for marketing the most popular product, don’t you think?  (Smiles sarcastically at Mason and Landon.)

Grace:              I agree.

Landon:           Girls…(Wrinkles up his nose.)  Well, Mason, as the gentlemen should we take the higher road?

Mason:            Whatever.  You win.  But only this time.  Just wait till the next group project…



Smooth or Crunchy? Nutty Facts continued…

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Ella and Mason are working on a marketing group project with their friends Grace and Landon.  Their research topic: Selling peanut butter to consumers.  Their dilemma: Sell crunchy or smooth peanut butter?


Ella                  College freshman

Grace               College junior

Landon            College sophomore

Mason             College junior


College library


(Ella and Grace sit at a round table in the college library looking bored while Landon, looking very animated, is talking and motioning with his hands.)

Ella:                 (Sighs) Okay, Landon.  We hear your point.  But let’s wait to talk any further till Mason comes…

Grace:              Here goes for another busywork group project.  Doesn’t our marketing professor know how to do anything better than assign homework over Thanksgiving break?

Ella:                 (Satirically) I wonder what kind of professor Mason would make…I’d sure love to take his class.  He’d never start on time.

Grace:              (Exasperated) Will Mason ever get here?

(Mason saunters into the room.)

Mason:            I heard my name.  Must have been something good.

Landon:           You better not tempt them to repeat what they just said.  You wouldn’t like it.

Mason:            Really?  Surprise me.

Ella:                 (Sarcastically)  Okay, Mr. Confident.  We were talking about how you are late, yet again, to our group meeting.

Mason:            Really?  I thought I was running right on time.  You said the group meeting was at 2 pm.  (Opens his smartphone and closes it again, looking sheepish.)  I guess you’re right.  It’s 2:15.  Sorry, guys.  Mind if I eat my peanut butter and jelly sandwich while you fill me in on what I missed?  (Reaches into his backpack and pulls out his sandwich.)

Grace:              Munch away.  Speaking of peanut butter, that’s what Ella, Landon, and I were talking about doing our group project on.

Ella:                 You know, we’re supposed to choose an item to market to consumers and then write a marketing plan on how to do it.

(Mason looks bored, starts licking his fingers from the peanut butter smeared on his hands.)

Landon:           (Interrupts Ella.)  Ah ha!  (Grabs Mason’s hand and holds it up in the air.)  I told you girls!  Crunchy peanut butter rules the day.

Mason:            Hey, what’s the big deal?

Landon:           Just before you got here, we were having a nice little discussion on which type of peanut butter to market to consumers—smooth or crunchy.  These two (points at Ella and Grace) are discriminating against crunchy peanut butter lovers.

Ella:                 Calm down, Landon.

Grace:              So it’s two to two now.  How are we supposed to reach a group consensus on this?

Ella:                 Come on, guys.  Who would really want to eat crunchy peanut butter.  (Makes a face.)  It just ruins the taste.  I mean who would want crunchy lumps in butter?

Grace:              Disgusting.  Simply disgusting.  Peanut butter speaks elegance.  Smooth, creamy and delicious.

(Mason reaches into his backpack again and pulls out his laptop. Opens it up on his lap and starts typing.)

Landon:           If you want to talk about what’s disgusting, it’s smooth peanut butter.  Just look at the name: peanut butter.  Who wants peanut butter without the crunch of peanuts?  If your girlie teeth can’t take it, then fine.  But all of my buddies would agree with Mason and me, wouldn’t they, Mason? Mason?

Mason:            Hey guys, look at this!  I just found this website,, and you’ll never believe it.  This debate like we’re having right now has gone on before.  And look at this, it says that, “Women and children prefer creamy, while most men opt for chunky.”

Will Landon and Mason be able to convince Ella and Grace to go with crunchy peanut butter for their group project? Find out tomorrow…

Carepackage College Care — The Mason and Ella saga continues…

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Our Mason and Ella saga continues as Ella lists the delectable goodies available in carepackages…(If you missed Part 1, click here).

Ella:                 Or you can choose from cheesecake, brownies, cookies…

Mason:            (Interrupts Ella) Stop it, stop it! I can’t stand it. I’m starving. Where can I get care packages like that?

Ella:                 You can get them online at They have an awesome College Care category. My parents set up an account and send me a touch of home every month with all my favorite foods. You know, it’s kind of like an out-of-box experience—I feel like I’m back home…Well enough about my homesickness, you have to remember I’m the freshman. So upper classman (Smiles teasingly), if you’re really nice to me, and stop feeling sorry for yourself, I just might share my care package with you.

Mason:            Really? You have one? (Sits up in his chair, straightens his shirt, runs his hands through his hair, turns to her and smiles.)

Ella:                 That’s much better. (She reaches under the table and pulls her backpack onto her lap. Reaches into the backpack and pulls out a box of crackers and hummus dip.) Here, try some of this. That should give you some protein before your next exam. And… (Reaches into her backpack again and pulls out a Ghirardelli chocolate bar.) it looks like you need a chocolate fix right now.

Mason:            Wow! You’re a lifesaver. Just wait one minute. (Pulls his smartphone out of his pocket and starts texting.) I need to text my mom and tell her about College Care.

Ella:                 Wait a second! Be sure to tell her to follow Carepackage on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. They have great discount offers. Plus it’s fun to just look at the variety of products. BTW, you should subscribe to Carepackage’s Care Blog. I get some great ideas for papers from their blogs—they write about American history, fun food facts, and they even feature some games.

Mason:            Okay, will do! This is the best. Goodbye toothpaste and socks and hello gourmet cheeses, crunchy popcorn, and a break from the caf!


American Carepackage College Care — Meet Mason and Ella



Two college students meet in the college cafeteria during finals week and talk food.


Mason             College junior

Ella                  College freshman


College cafeteria                    


Mason walks into the cafeteria, picks up a tray and plate and walks to one food station. Pauses. Looks at the food and then makes a face. Continues to the next station. Pauses. Gags. Goes to the next station, continuing to look disgusted.

Ella:                 Hey Mason! Over here!

(Mason turns, looking for Ella. Smiles and walks over to her table and plops down next to her. Slouches down into his seat with his arms crossed.)

Ella:                 What’s the matter with you? Since when did you start eating air? (Reaches over to his empty plate with her fork, pretending to eat air from off his plate.)

Mason:            (Sighs) Anything’s better than this caf food. Day after day, meal after meal, I’m so tired of the same food.

Ella:                 Well, it’s finals week so you better eat something. (Pushes her full plate toward him.) You don’t want to faint during your exams, do you?

Mason:            Might be better than feeling sick to my stomach. (Looks at the plate, gags, and pushes it back at her.) I wish I could go home and eat some delicious food for a change. Who wants this bland chow?

Ella:                 Don’t your parents ever send you a carepackage?

Mason:            A care package? Full of what—clothes, toothpaste, stuff I forgot to bring when I moved into my dorm room?

Ella:                 No! LOL! A care package full of food! Gourmet goodies like cheeses and sausage, dried fruits and nuts, pancakes, hummus dip, coffee to stay awake—even an authentic Italian dinner. And then you’ve got my favorite candy like Whoppers, Milk Duds, Ghirardelli chocolates. And then there’s popcorn and soda pop…

Do you think Mason will find hope in his desolate caf routine? Join us tomorrow to find out…